Chicago’s Guidance imprint has continued to earn its place as one of the leading labels in the downtempo house arena with another compilation that easily demonstrates the label’s consistency in keeping downtempo interesting. Aptly entitled Stargazing, this ensemble features mainly starry-eyed artists exploring upbeat synth-chord galaxies. These tracks deftly blend into the electroclash offerings of Ladytron’s “Playgirl” and Soviet’s “Candy Girl,” two tracks that recall ’80s alterna-pop outfits. Stargazing references some of Guidance’s finest tracks over the last three years, including Alpine Stars’ lush pop cut “77 Sunset Strip,” Flunk’s acoustic-touched rendition of New Order’s classic “Blue Monday,” and the collection’s hands-down masterpiece, Handpolished’s “One Day Trip In An Elevator,” a funky zig-zag step through the electronic cosmos.