Raw. Fat. Menacing. Funky. Put all these adjectives in “front of beats” to describe Jack Dangers’s first Meat Beat Manifesto LP, 1989’s Storm the Studio. They also describe this remix compilation, starting off with a versus between Dangers and longtime Tino Corp pal Ben Stokes called “Cease to Exist.” The monster hip-hop break that populated the first three MBM albums gets run through a spatial expander; the thing’s as wide as a Mac truck, roaring with digitized vocals and little else. Oh yeah, the rest: Eight Frozen Modules pistol-whips “God O.D.” with a fully-loaded laptop, while Twilight Circus Sound System, Jonah Sharp, DJ Swamp and The Opus also make fine contributions. One non-sequitur selection, microsound experimentalist Frank Bretschneider, works surprisingly well on “Reanimix.” Not to be missed.