Bristol duo Fuck Buttons have created a huge buzz–and not just in the blogosphere. Their debut album, Street Horrrsing, is dominated by a truculent, enveloping buzz, possibly from a Roland 303 or a homemade generator of low-end madness, beneath which heroic melodies struggle for audibility. “Sweet Love for Planet Earth” opens with sprightly music-box tinkles, but they’re quickly overrun by gnarly, fuzz-toned synths and haloed by angelic keyboard drones. Here and elsewhere on Horrrsing, faint yet feral caterwauling, like Trent Reznor on helium, animates the background. But ultimately it’s just another texture in a tsunami of tense oscillations and Brontosaurus-colonic tones. To keep stasis at bay, sporadic fits of tribal drumming (recalling Cro-Magnon) and 4/4 kicks puncture the barbed din. Fuck Buttons follow Throbbing Gristle’s lead on “Discipline,” and their buzz-laden bombs are more powerful for it.