Over the past decade, it seems that the nouveau-chanteuse style of female singers has become the opposite of the progressive pop our Francophonic friends once reveled in. Rather than Edith Piaf’s bombastic swoon, or Francoise Hardy’s sexy, pouty melancholy, we’re offered a succession of bland M.O.R. singers whose revivalism forgets the groundbreaking magnificence of those lush arrangements. And then, there’s elodieO, a singer whose breathy, visceral voice is matched only by the 21st-century downtempo electro-pop that backs her up. On songs like “Attache Moi” and “Crazy,” elodieO slyly flips from damsel-in-distress to femme fatale without missing a (broken) beat, her Nublu-collective collaborators providing the modern equivalent of orchestral pop–impressionist beats, synth washes, and gorgeous melodic accompaniment. As beautiful a debut as one might hope for.