For all its production nuances, music by “dance punk” powerhouses The DFA is at times imbued with too much cheeky influence-checking, giving it an aloofness. Meanwhile, Chilean post-punk funk quintet Panico‘s music says, “Fuck aloofness.” Operating from Paris, the decade-old Panico‘s sawtooth sleeze draws on Os Mutantes, ESG, and The Stooges. And Subliminal Kill-featuring production assistance from Super_Collider‘s Cristian Vogel and Tigersushi‘s Joakim-is the electrofied strut of 21st century street walkin‘ cheetahs, especially the skuzzy, cowbell-pocked come-on “Transpiralo” (feat. Crazy Girl). Fans of The Rapture, Bloc Party, and Los de Abajo will especially want to take note.