As Audion, Detroit‘s Matthew Dear banishes his suave-crooner persona and gets busy laying down his hardest, most extroverted and lubricious grooves. Suckfish is potent, banging techno designed for, well, banging-and for its usual prelude, dancing. DJs needing floor-filling fodder for folks who like it tough and hypnotic won‘t likely find a better full-length this year. The pinging, piston-chugging hypno-stomp “Vegetables” sets the tone for Audion‘s approach, which is reflected by Suckfish‘s dazzling Op-art cover. “Kisses” sounds like an unholy alliance between early Plastikman and Alter Ego, while the plowing grinder “Just Fucking” evokes the Voigt brothers‘ compelling monomania. The ruggedly sexy Suckfish is pure baby-making genius.