Osaka’s cult icons Boredoms take so many artistic freedoms that they belong in their own animal kingdom. And the newly reissued Super Roots series only reinforces that fact. These singles, studio experiments, and remixes all document the band’s evolution from kabuki punks to barefooted hippie astronauts. On Super Roots 8, the cascades of flanged guitar on “Jungle Taitei” float above the Earth only to be welcomed home with a caffeinated, tribal drum circle. Yann Tomita’s remix of “Jungle” has a sharp, fractal-funk groove that rivals Can, while frontman Yamantaka Eye’s “Uh, what does this button do?” drum machine remix makes for great comedy. Super Roots 5 is the group’s most spiritual moment. “GO!!!” is a hypnotizing, hour-long masterwork drenched in blooming guitar drones, molten bass tones, and roiling cymbals. Eye shouts, “Go” to kick off the noise, and it’s the only lyric the track needs.