Aksel Schaufler‘s own strain of Köln techno has (half-jokingly) been dubbed “micro goth” and a slightly doleful sense of gothic melodrama prevails on his recent mix album Today. Schaufler compiles with a moodiness that suggests he‘s plotting raves in his hometown‘s magnificent cathedral rather than the substantially smaller Studio 672 (where Kompakt actually hosts their weekly club night). Lawrence and Wighnomy Bros feature as track creators and re-constructors while Michael Mayer‘s “Lovefood (Matias Aguayo Mix)” and The Psychonauts‘ “World Keeps Turning (Highfish & Zander Remix)” accentuate the ambience of tragi-romanticism. As a finale, Sebastien Tellier‘s exquisite “La Ritournelle” is lovingly reclaimed from its creator‘s quite ridiculous Politics album.