On his long-awaited debut album, Cologne, Germany-based DJ Glitterbug (a.k.a. Till Rohmann) passes through dark and light moods, gritty rhythmic accents, and unexpected, sheer orchestral moments influenced by friend and fellow German, Barbara Morgenstern. “Reference System” sounds like Booka Shade going head to head with a vacuum cleaner, combining warm synth tones with cool industrial buzzes, clicks, ratchets, and scratches. Atop a sustained synth, “Brontohouse” grounds itself in a rolling, hypnotic washing-machine rhythm offset by mechanized snare, Parisian accordion, and chimes that grow increasingly playful. Through pretty micro-oscillations and looped symphonic accents, “The Things I Long to Do” exposes Glitterbug’s trip through the acid-drenched ’80s party scene and ’90s techno en route to his current sound.