If Load Records is the Sub Pop of noise, then 5 Rue Christine must be its Dischord. In its nine years as a record label, 5RC has demonstrated a sincere commitment to its varied roster regardless of sales or appeal. The result of this loyalty has produced some incredible releases from the likes of Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Hella, and The Mae Shi. Sur La Mer Samp-Le-Mer, the label’s first compilation, offers 17 tracks (10 of which are previously unreleased) to celebrate their history. Ranging from the abnormal (“The Punks’ We Are the Shit, Pt. 2”) to the soothing (Amps For Christ’s “Old Shepard”), the collection is an aural collage that rarely loses steam. Fans of the label-and its parent, Kill Rock Stars-will gush over the rare jams, while newcomers will revel in the label’s many facets, making Sur La Mer Samp-Le-Mer required listening for any fan of out-there audio.