What the fuck? Cheescake cover photo and MCs who cash checks from majors on a Prefuse 73 joint? Yep, Ghostface and GZA appear as do many sterling indie rappers (Beans, El-P, Aesop Rock) and musicians (Tyondai Braxton, The Books), but Surrounded By Silence is undeniably Prefuse 73‘s show. Scott Herren‘s orchestral, camera-shutter funk has become familiar, but it‘s still potent. “I‘ve Said All I Need To Say About Them Intro” kills it from the jump with astral-sexual, futuristic funk featuring warped vibes and smeared videogame FX. The rest of Silence finds Prefuse crafting both his most accessible tracks (Ghost/El-P-laced “Hideyaface” and the Camu-fronted “Now You‘re Leaving”) and his weirdest (“Ty Versus Detchibe,” “And I‘m Gone”). This is a brilliant culmination of Prefuse‘s career to date.