The first official release from Amsterdam’s Audio Culture imprint, this three-track collaborative record from Presk & Cinnaman is surprisingly huge. But we’re not just talking about the sheer size of “Sweat” itself (though it is a pretty big tune); there are two massive remixes that back this record, from Instra:mental’s Jon Convex and Ten Thousand Yen boss Doc Daneeka, both of which threaten to eclipse the original production entirely.

“Sweat” touches on all the right points: Booming 808 rhythms, seductive ’90s-house basslines, oppressive sub frequencies, powerful synth stabs, and plenty of squelchy sound effects fill out the propulsive dance tune. And yet, surprisingly or not, Presk & Cinnaman’s solidly executed production is outgunned by the remixes, which actually says a lot about the caliber of music available here. Jon Convex delivers a dark and sinister jam that makes the original track sound like the “Happy Birthday” song. Overblown bass tones and punchy drum patterns command the listener’s attention immediately, whereas “Sweat (Doc Daneeka Remix)” takes a slicker, more aloof route—gradually building up the eerie vibes of its unapologetic ’90s-house template.

Each offering on the Sweat EP is cut from the same shadowy swatch of the UK bass continuum, making any selection a viable candidate for your personal favorite. So, if you’re looking for a record with a certain amount of variety and depth, this isn’t the first place you should check. But, plainly said, there are three excellent tunes available on Audio Culture’s inaugural 12″, and that’s more than can be said about a lot of releases.