For their first recorded collaboration, the Chicago-based pair of David Daniell, a guitarist with an impressive avant/free-rock pedigree—he’s worked with Loren Connors and Thurston Moore among others—and Douglas McCombs, best known as the bass player for Tortoise (here, he plays electric and pedal steel guitar), have put together a record of contemplative, fusion-inflected textures, sculpted from hours of improvisation into a shimmering, psychedelic set. It begins with the electro-acoustic bristle of “F# Song,” an unsettling guitar-drone mélange, after which they introduce drums for the record’s remainder, which ranges from sublime noise on “Bursera” to the more serene pastures of “Vejer de la Frontera,” with its enchanting, soft peals of pedal steel and crisp guitar/drum interplay.