Bay Area beatician Odd Nosdam sequences fuzz-addled dimensions steeped in ambient hiss, industrial blur, and record static with boom-bapping bliss-outs galore on the T.I.M.E. Soundtrack—a custom-made score for the 2007 Element Skateboards film, This Is My Element. On tracks like “Wig Smasher” and “Root Bark,” Nosdam channels Boards of Canada, glazing bass-bursting 808s and reverb-drenched synths over a slew of choppy, mechanized percussion, while “Top Rank” finds him tapping into sounds from around the globe with its dubby bounce and Indian-inspired drones. And though most of the album’s tracks clock in under three minutes each, Nosdam stews each composition with a bevy of ingredients that’ll stick to your gums for days.