Dubstep will remain alive and well in the early ’10s if the Tectonic label’s latest compilation is any indication. Pinch and Moving Ninja’s “False Flag” is a death march of bloody-knuckled beats and synth washes that stain the sky, while RSD’s “Forward Youth” dives into roots dub’s darkest depths and trawls up soot-blackened bass and toasters’ voices from the grave. Flying Lotus delivers a loose mix of swaying flute melodies on “Glendale Galleria,” and Shed taps into a welcome, lovesick mood amid paddled beats on his remix of Peverelist’s “Junktion.” Not everything meshes well; Skream loses blood in an uneven mix of gurgling synth riffs on “Trapped in the Dark Bubble.” Still, the future looks bright for dubstep.