What if late-’70s This Heat recorded for Load Records circa now? It might sound like Thank You’s Terrible Two. This Baltimore trio creates instrumentals that possess that maverick U.K. post-punk group’s cutthroat tenacity and flagrant tonal exploration. They also mirror This Heat’s penchant for screw-tightening riffing that induces an exquisite tension. A savvy savagery prevails throughout most of the disc’s 35 minutes, with opener “Empty Legs” tossing you into the maelstrom from the start with brisk, thunderous drums, cheetah snarls, and chimp shrieks. It’s a caustic palate-cleanser, with guitars set on “skin-peeling.” The intensity rarely wavers on Terrible Two, as the band’s maximalist volume, minimalist repetition, and potent drum sounds combine to form a free-rock dynamism that makes all your atoms stand at attention.