Kingston’s Waterhouse has long been a breeding ground for top-notch Jamaican talent, but it’s never produced anyone quite like Terry Lynn. “Born in the ghetto/Where da gangsters roll by/And dem gunshot echo,” Lynn spouts, observing tenement yard socioeconomics on tracks like “Politricks,” “System,” and “IMF” with as much authority as Damian Marley or Bounty Killer. Such a revolutionary artist demands a progressive sonic template. Eschewing JA’s formulaic soundsystem scene altogether, she links with producers like Olivier Giacomotto, techno head John Acquaviva, and Jonathan Coe, whose industrial-strength uptempo bashment riddims hammer Lynn’s message home inna classic ragga-house/junglist stylee. It’s not dancehall music so much as avant-garde dance music, coming from a voice of the ghetto that demands to be heard at full volume.