In 2002 German producers Barbara Morgenstern (collaborator with Pole and Console) and Robert Lippok (of To Rococo Rot) cooperated for a Domino Records subsidiary; the 12-track Tesri is the result of continued sessions. The album is comprised of melodies constructed in miniature. Where the duo thinks big is in overlapping fragments of staccato electric piano, fluttery acoustic guitar, rounded analog pulse, and minimalist electro bob. “Sommer” (showcasing the most hushed, honeyed, and hovering of Morgenstern‘s qualities) and “Winter” are original collaboration holdovers, with everything else exclusive. Small melodies attracting big-time attention include “Please Wake Me Up For Meals,” “Gammelpop,” and the Spacek-like croon of “If The Day Remains Unspoken” (featuring Telefon Tel Aviv‘s Damon Aaron).