There’s only so many times you can walk into a Lower East Side bar full of patrons clothed in jackets coated in one-inch badges, posturing in deftly worn Levi’s, cheesecloth-thin vintage RUN-DMC tees, and perfectly askew trucker cap, waving to Casey Spooner, sipping Red Stripes and doing PCP with Ryan McGinley, and then knowingly call out each endlessly re-issued post-punk classic. Yes, we’ve all heard Yello, Laidback and Alexander Robotnik’s classics played repeatedly. But what, you may ask, were the Germans up to during those important years of 1977-1983? Well, Deutsch duo Munk definitively answer that question here by overseeing this engaging compilation on their label of endlessly issued perfection, Gomma. While doubters may giggle at the sounds of the German language getting funky over some of the synth-heavy rhythm tracks, true believers in true good music will recognize this eye-opening vault for the goldmine it is.