Mr. Dibbs’s The 30th Song was originally supposed to be released by 4 Ways to Rock in 2000, but that never materialized. And it’s a damn shame. If this record fell into the hip-hop consciousness during turntablism’s peak years, the “Dick-nosed Platypus” would be the one that crate-digging symphonists would have to measure up to. On this expanded reissue, Dibbs’s earthy beats are deftly heightened by swamp-rat guitar riffs, smeared violas, strutting basslines and the odd children’s record or two. He gives a sharp relief from the bourgeois-hop of the bling-bling motorcades that currently parade the airwaves. The centerpiece is the 15-minute epic, “Porntablist,” where Dibbs’s mates sample orgasms with one-handed scratching over and over and over and over.