Released in advance of this buzz-worthy L.A. punk-funk duo’s anticipated major-label debut, these two EPs seem destined for underground-classic status. How to describe J*Davey’s sound? Imagine Jimmy Jam and Gary Numan tag-teaming Annabella Lwin and Lil’ Kim in Prince’s living room while J. Dilla and Portishead play dominoes. Jack Davey’s atypical synth-heavy beats deconstruct conventional soul, R&B, and hip-hop; Brook D’Leau’s vocals swerve between stiletto-heeled come-ons and provocative musings on society’s superficialities. Still, their Black New Wave concept could use more refinement in practice. The potential for complete subversion of urban pop music is there, but can J*Davey apply sufficient polish to their dissonant grooves while retaining their experimental rawness? We’ll just have to stay tuned.