Matmos’s bouts of tomfuckery-like recording the scrapes of a rhinoplasty operation, or a duet between an electric guitar and a bucket of oatmeal-all deserve a prize. In The Civil War, they attempt a musical time warp between the English and American civil wars. It’s a near-sequel to their 1999 peyote ‘n’ jimson weed-laced trip, The West, with its banjos, fiddles and dobro guitars. However, things are “civil” here, where Weather Channel-friendly country-folk abounds. Fortunately, “Regicide,” and “Z.O.C.K.” both imitate the joy of Puritans kicking around King Charles I’s head, while “Pelt and Holler” is vintage Matmos with its DSP mutation of a rabbit pelt into a maracas-like shaker.