Ed DMX can pack more excitement into a “mini-album” than most people could if they had 19 tracks to fill. And it’s a testament to this electro stalwart’s consummate skill that, within two minutes of putting needle to this wax, three XLR8R staffers popped their heads into my office, ears cocked, and asked what I was listening to. The Collapse… finds Ed operating with many of the same tools he uses to make his classic Detroit poplocking soundtracks, but throwing away the formula. The record contains brooding beatless soundscapes, shimmering and kinetic downtempo acid and dark bodyrock, but hits its stride with the bittersweet synthetic lullaby “Jet Lag” and “Tonight (Track),” which almost sounds like a dub version on an old Depeche Mode single. The Collapse… makes the familiar sound fresh again. It’s not groundbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be-it’s infinitely listenable, instead. Looks like DMX cribbed notes from friends’ (Plaid, Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert) classic albums, added his own flavor, and then aced the test.