If Okie Dokie It’s the Orb on Kompakt was entirely colored by Thomas Fehlmann’s cool aura, The Dream is warm and prismatic under the direction of mad wizard Alex Paterson. The former album, its soft techno synchronized to the ’00s, introduced a new generation to the ambient-experimental legends. This one could drive those folks away, or better, into the vaults for classic Primal Scream and FSOL. The nostalgic Dream works best as a companion to 1992’s UFOrb, down to that album’s “Blue Room” sharing a sample with new track “The Truth Is…” It’s a hallucination of snipped radio transmissions, oceanic textures, and soulful vocals. Desi beats and plenty of dub brush up next to a track anchored with a pan-flute–the mix gets weirder and better with every listen. Cheers to a vision creatively executed without regard to trends.