While his last albums explored a more organic approach to electronic soul music, Kirk Degiorgio returns to his techno roots by resurrecting his long-dormant Applied Rhythmic Technology label, beginning with this exquisite compilation. Detroit is in full effect, as Carl Craig (operating as 69), Stacey Pullen, and Anthony “Shake” Shakir gift exclusive jams. Craig‘s “Puntang” wins out-it‘s a signature builder with underlying breakbeats that melds his past and present in a blistering soundclash. It‘s not all 4/4 business, though. Broken beats get a look in via Domu‘s whiplash-inducing “Quarantine” and Pullen‘s sick synth roller “Liquid Letter” carries the torch for future jazz. Add in tracks from Plaid alter ego Balil and Degiorgio himself (one a collaboration with Ian O‘Brien) and you‘ve got the welcome return of a mindset thought lost. Don‘t sleep this time.