Colleen is a person-Parisian Cécile Schott, a producer who cobbles together minute, meditative, and antiquated acoustics. But perhaps Colleen is also a personification. Perhaps Colleen is a little girl dreaming of an underwater string quartet featuring a harpsichord-plucking lobster, as in “Summer Water.” Or perhaps she‘s an adolescent, practicing to be a ballerina as she listens to a porcelain music box pirouetting in “The Heart Harmonicon.” Or maybe she‘s an adult, learning shiatsu massage and reiki healing in a wellness center‘s wind chime-filled courtyard, as in “The Happy Sea.” Maybe she‘s vacationing in Kyoto, enthralled in a Zen garden as a plaintive koto chimes, as the title track implies. Compared to the vague, nostalgic tape loop chimera that was her 2003 debut, Breaks is cohesive, evoking memory after sepia-toned memory of a well-traveled life.