An amazing MC from Seattle’s Oldominion crew, Onry Ozzborn doesn’t fail to impress with his new album. A 25-deep crew full of talent, Oldominion have been steady making interesting hip-hop in the Pacific Northwest for years. Onry touches on various subjects from Jesus Christ to ghosts to Gandalf to wack emcees, and he does so with lyrical finesse, a touch of morbidity and a hint of humor. Production gets a little gothic on tracks like “Believe 2” and “Dance Your Life Away” with somber melodies and minor chords. And things get downright religious with “The Alter,” while Onry gives love to his favorite hip-hop albums on “The Oz.” With a little help from his friends like Smoke, Sleep, Bishop I, Pale Soul and others, Onry Ozzborn gives us an album of wonderfully intricate storytelling and mostly tight production. Call it goth hop, call it abstract, call it what you want-we call it dope.