Cedric Im Brooks channels natural vibrations into an elevated organic poem. His pure roots music glows with consciousness. Cries of freedom and blazing rhythms roll on billowing drums. From a shower of bird chirps, Brooks’s saxophone uncoils and bursts into supernatural melodies. Brooks is a Jamaican music sage whose fine-tuned education came both at the landmark Alpha Catholic School for Boys and in early Studio One sessions. His evolution soared in 1970 when he formed the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, alongside master percussionist Count Ossie. Together they created a crystallized sound expression of modern Rastafarianism. Brooks carried this vision onward with his next collective, The Light of Saba. Their music flows with African tones. Afrobeat, calypso, disco and American cosmic jazz shine with a steady undercurrent of Nyabinghi drumming. The Light of Saba is a soul statement. Breath it in.