Moscovite minimalists Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milutenko have long been pillars of Russia’s underground dance scene, but it wasn’t until Kompakt included their 2003 break-out hit “All She Wants Is” on the taste-making Total 5 comp that the duo gained international notoriety. The Line Of Nine sees the techno twosome return with a gorgeously nuanced and hypnotic collection of lounge-y, 4/4 thumps that, despite never deviating from the midtempo range, prove deceptively diverse. Weaving an array of delicate, fluttering melodies through each of the album’s 12 tracks, the duo builds on the trance-tinged melancholy and airy elegance served up on last autumn’s On The Edge EP (all three tracks thankfully present here), patching pastoral pop, smoky seduction, and icy thrust into a surprisingly vibrant, multi-hued tapestry.