Fat Lip’s back, and he sounds a little pissed-off. Of course, the sounds of anger may just be a put-on or a parody–this is ex-Pharcyde prankster Fat Lip we’re talking about-but even if they aren’t, you can’t blame the guy for gettin’ his mean mug on after all the crap he’s been through. Besides, the results sound pretty good. Some of the yelled/sung choruses may put off listeners, but Lip can still spin a terrific verse and flip a taut flow. And he’s not afraid to take on unruly topics like writer’s block on, uh, “Writer‘s Block” and his own shortcomings on the years-old (but still dope) “What’s Up, Fat Lip?” If you’ve been missing Lip-or even if you’re just mildly curious about what he’s been up to-this album won’t disappoint.