It’s all about winning combinations: armed with mental stamina and a formidable gift o’ gab, Supernatural can cut down just about any opponent and cipher as though he’d written the lyrics ahead of time. Fans have been waiting for this premiere MC’s freestyle files since 1994, the year Supernatural was slated to drop an improvisational album recorded in one straight take. For reasons unexplained, Supernatural retreated into relative obscurity, and didn’t unleash The Lost Freestyle Files until now. Like a hip-hop Shakespeare, Supernatural traces the history of his legendary battles, from duels with Craig G and Juice to his more recent amicable collaborations with Jurassic 5 and Iriscience of Dilated Peoples. Flaunting his indomitable verbal prowess, Supernatural spits rhymes about everything under the sun-from blunts’D cards and cell phones to beleaguered rival MCs.