Big ups, Adult Swim! Not only has Cartoon Network‘s groundbreaking animation bloc turned out some of the best popcult television since MTV killed Liquid Television, but it has thrown its weight behind one of the best releases of the year. Where else are you going to hear MF Doom (who‘s quickly becoming indie-hop‘s collab champ) name-drop the brilliant Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law in a rhyme? Exactly. Hot off a recent beat-jacking streak with Gorillaz and the brainy grift of Jay-Z known as The Grey Album, Dangermouse mans the decks ably, keeping the frenetic beats steamrolling beneath Doom‘s resin-soaked baritone on blazing tracks like “El Chupa Nibre,” “Old School” (featuring Talib Kweli) and “The Mask,” a team-up with Ghostface. Awash in rampant banality, the bling metaverse should study this joint up and down. Because they must learn. Grab this shit and spin it silly.