If the Orb’s Back to Mine is to be believed, Alex Paterson’s living room is patterned after the multi-hued chill-out room of an early ’90s acid house club, all soft pillows and harsh edges. Kaleidoscopic melodies drift as phantom beats creep like spider legs through thin walls, caressing the scalp. Opening like seminal series Artificial Intelligence-featuring Aphex Twin, B12, Charles Webster’s deep house and Juno Reactor’s more tribal tones-the Orb’s after-hours explorations then traverse more bass-heavy undulations before closing with ambient minimal tech from artists including Electric Chairs, Joachim Spieth, F.F.W.D. and Schneider TM, along with a Paterson exclusive. The result is smoothly transitioned wide-screen headphonics, snaking to an ethereal echo perfectly suiting the shadows dancing in the corner of one’s eye.