Manipulating static and drifting off into eerie dreamscapes, To Kill A Pretty Bourgeoisie marries knob-twiddles and creepy arias that are as evocative as they are glitchy. It’s an acquired taste, to mangle metaphors, but it boasts rewarding moments. The spare drum-tracking of “The Man With the Shovel, Is the Man I’m Going to Marry” and “Lovers and Liars” holds up the weight of peripheral noise and the ethereal vocals of Jenna Wilhelm. But at some point To Kill A Pretty Bourgeoisie could leave the heavier experimentation behind and give its haunting instincts more space. Noise tricks and manifestoes aside, clever sound-fucking can only take you so far: The soul’s animation endows your experiment with its most potent electricity. Don’t fight it, you bourgeoisie pigs.