The 12 tracks here encompass a broad range of styles and moods to augment your headspace in multifaceted ways. At one extreme there’s Arp’s tranquil pulsations and pastoral melodies (quite Cluster & Eno); at the other is the Lift Boys (Eye from The Boredoms) taking disco the furthest out it’s ever gone, with tablas, sitars, nipple gongs, and maniacally manipulated jet-engine roars. In between those poles, Tussle tips its cowbell and hi-hats to ESG; 120 Days updates Hawkwind with an acidic motorik chug; Sunburned Hand of the Man offers a pan-ethnic, tribal-percussion workout; and diskJokke, Lindstrøm, and Bjørn Torske get both cheeky and elegant with cosmic disco tropes. There’s more, and it’s all mostly a weird, wonderful mishmash.