Producing and DJing with Wu-Tang for many years now, Mathematics may not have the props, classic catalog, or name recognition of RZA or 4th Disciple, but dude definitely knows how to make beats, as evidenced by his stellar work on Supreme Clientele alone. In 2003 he dropped his first proper album, Love, Hell or Right, which, despite a fam-heavy guest list, wasn‘t really that great. On The Problem, Math‘s production is noticeably stronger and the emcees (the entire Wu plus several younger Queens cats) all sound genuinely hungry. Minor-key organ vamps and sweeping vibraphones propel “Winta Sno,” while the ill bassline and choppy drums of “Real Nillaz” could be a lost track from Cuban Linx. Not every song works, but the ones that do are outstanding. Though haters may question the Clan‘s relevance in 2005, Mathematics brings out the best in the Shaolin supercrew, resurrecting the franchise with his impressive instrumentals.