Sa-Ra has been whoring around with indie labels from LA to Japan with aplomb for the past year and change, birthing some of the most mind-bending intergalactic funk this side of the Milky Way. Titillating the masses with this six-song appetizer of an EP (also available as a gatefold double-vinyl set), it‘s easy to see how these dudes constructed such a formidable buzz in the blink of an eye. So as we anxiously await their G.O.O.D./Kanye West debut long player, here‘s a few delicacies from their cosmic slop bucket. The fun jumps off with endorsements from Pharoahe Monch (on the ode to cunnilingus, “Fish Fillet”) and beatsmith J Dilla, who tosses verses on “Thrilla.” But the real treat comes in the form of “Smokeless Highs,” a delicious throwback to the neck snapping mid-‘90s track work of DJ Premier and Large Professor. Not the full-length you‘ve been salivating for, but worth the saliva nonetheless.