Sao Paulo singer Cibelle (pronounced “see-BELL-ee”) Cavalli‘s whimsical second recording puts her alongside Tunng’s Mike Lindsay, Brazilian psych-folk/alt-popster Apollo Nove (her debut album’s producer), and former Air engineer Yann Arnaud. Flute, cello, samba drumming, music box tinklings, and plinks and clinks of coffee rituals provide dreamy results. Cibelle croons with French MC/ beatboxer/Coco Rosie collaborator Spleen on “Mad Man Song” and adroitly covers Tom Waits’ tearjerker “Green Grass.” She honors her current home with Devendra Banhart on a cover of exile-era Caetano Veloso’s “London London” and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Por Toda a Minha Vida” also gets the Cibelle touch. Sublime!