Berlin’s Stefan Goldmann resurfaces on his Macro label, bringing together the past and present with a rich double-disc release. Disc One, The Transitory State, compiles Goldmann’s exceptional techno works from the last few years, including minimalist gems like “Blood” and “Sleepy Hollow” from his Perlon and Innervisions outings. It’s the second disc, Voices of the Dead, that marks Goldmann’s current intrigue as the first in a three-part series of concept albums that delve into the “information lurking in he background” of all music. His explorations return some brilliantly crafted ambient pieces that take the listener through intelligently textured and spontaneously manifested soundscapes, one of which (“Turret”) was embedded by Richie Hawtin into his DE9: Transitions project. This guy’s packin’ some serious heat.