Columbus, Ohio emcee/producer goes to bat for himself with his debut solo release The Weight Room featuring his production and a host of guest emcees. Best known for his Soul Position EP with RJD2 and his opening slot on Atmosphere’s last tour, Blueprint has a solid presence in the underground. His highly enunciated, verging-on overly-dramatic rhyme style complements his slow and operatic production beautifully, and the outcome is dope. But all the guests make the album less of a cohesive project than it could have been with Blueprint on beats and rhymes. Established artists like Vast Aire on “I.C.U.” and The Orphanage featuring Aesop Rock and Slug on “Obsolete” outshine most of Blueprint’s lesser-known collaborators like Bru Lei, Bahdaddy Shabazz and CJ the Cynic.