Dynamite MC is no stranger to fans of the UK drum & bass or garage scenes, having worked extensively with Roni Size’s Full Cycle crew and a gamut of breakbeat producers. The World of Dynamite is his first full-on foray into the world of studio production, and it’s not always palatable. But for a debut, it’s impressive in scope, showing Dynamite to be light years ahead of his peers in terms of concept and sheer innovation. Like three albums in one, The World of Dynamite takes the listener through various rooms at a club, each focusing on a separate genre: hip-hop, 2-step garage and drum & bass. Along the way, Dynamite links up with top-notch producers like Skitz, TNT, Wookie, Origin Unknown, Marky & XRS and High Contrast, and chats it up alongside fellow lyrical heavyweights Elephant Man and Skibadee. The UK hip-hop sounds a bit underdeveloped and will take some getting used to, but there’s no doubt that room two and three are where the party’s at. Bombastic club anthems “Rush the DJ,” “Ride,” “Hotness,” “The Scene,” and “Gold” hold down this record, making it more than worth the price of admission.