A few years ago, Scuba began steering his Hotflush label away from the dubstep-oriented structures it was known for, and allowed his roster to evolve into a team of artists who explore a variety of sounds, including brightly colored house and smooth techno. ManMakeMusic head honcho George FitzGerald has played a notable role in that development, and his latest 12″ for Hotflush delves deeper into moody warehouse vibes than any of his previous records to date.

A-side “Thinking of You” pushes a bone-deep beat that drives a carefully manicured, menacing energy through its flickering rave breakdowns and hypnotic, soulful vocal hooks. It’s a catchy track, albeit one that’s a few shades darker than the artist’s previous work, which used more colorful chords and diva samples on songs like “Every Inch” and “Feels Like.” While those cuts were marked by snappy rhythms and pulsing piano stabs, FitzGerald appears to crib a few notes from Scuba’s recent club anthem “Talk Torque” here, employing rigid synths, hulking basslines, and powerful builds.

“Nighttide Lover” operates with less grandeur, although it too flirts with dark, serious instrumentation. The tune is generally more low-key than the stormy a-side; its breakdowns aren’t as big or arresting, and the main melody is more severely pared down. Fresh-faced Londoner Trikk also takes a stab at “Nighttide Lover,” but his remix isn’t all that different from the original. He equips the gurgling low end with a snappier broken beat and layers of airy noise, but his effort generally keeps in line with the austere restraint flexed by George FitzGerald the first time around.