England’s Andy Meecham has made quirky dance music for decades now, as The Emperor Machine, Chicken Lips, and Bizarre Inc. While there are hints of these aliases in Future Four, his latest project, its debut EP, which dropped a few months back, didn’t come across as especially weird. Regardless, whether that was intentional or merely a sign that the times had simply caught up with Meecham, the record nonetheless did a solid job of balancing his various interests in stabby rave house and twisted electro-funk. Moreover, its rambunctious energy offered a lot for potential remixers to work with. With This Is the Remix of the Future Four, Phantasy Sound has accordingly culled an impressive cast for the job, as each track from the debut gets its own revision.

Tuff City Kids, the prolific, predominantly remix-based duo of Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer, take on “Gwad Bwash.” It’s probably the most D.C. Recordings-style piece on the EP, which means it is also the funkiest. Alongside some fleet house organ, Janson and Lauer capitalize on its bassline, which starts out thin and acidic and eventually becomes steely, orchestral, and almost pad-like, dominating the track. Dark Circles takes “Into Orbit” in a strutting disco-house direction, at least before its percussion begins to jack, and needly, stabby synth and key patterns (evident on the original as well) snake in. It’s still a good deal emptier than Meecham’s piece, but most of his elements are intact. Finally, Jacques Renault takes on “Phase 2,” and turns in the most complete transformation here. His remix hints at the recent trend of ghetto-house revivalism in its bold, rushing arrangement, and he intersperses it with bursts of rave stabs for good measure. Like Meecham’s originals, these tracks do not offer much in the way of eccentricity, but they at least give DJs some options.