Yes, the once fiercely independent Le Tigre has signed to a major label; and itís true that This Island is a naÔve-sounding record, full of electronic gimmicks and simplistic, often childlike, sing-song lyrics. But itís also one of the most easily digestible political records of the year, transmitting anti-war, pro-queer visibility and feminist messages to a mostly young, mostly female audience who value a fun dance party more than they care about production prowess or the progenitors of the style (Public Enemy, Atari Teenage Riot). This is slumber party mutiny musicñthe shinier, happier, techno-fied version of the riot grrrl revolution leader Kathleen Hanna originally started with Bikini Kill. And This Island has its moments, notably the Nintendo soundclash of rave-meets-Sex Pistols anthem ìSeconds,‘ the fierce bounce-happy electro of ìAfter Dark‘ and a glittering freestyle cover of the Pointer Sistersí ìIím So Excited.‘ Don’t hate, demonstrate.