Much like their counterparts from Trouble & Bass, Tigerbass makes its home where the sounds of old-school rave, hard-edged techno, and bass-heavy electro collide. The son of Tigerbeat’s first compilation is loaded with tracks that literally assault the dancefloor—there’s certainly nothing subtle about the speaker-rattling bass thump and ear-splitting synths of songs like Genuine Guy’s “Bad People Get Laid” or Dolby Anol’s “Heil Mary.” Black Rabbit’s “1992” is a punishing tribute to the days of rave gone by, while “Canteloupe” demonstrates C.L.A.W.S.‘ unquestionable love of squelchy acid house. Although Tigerbass Vol. 1 rarely takes its foot off the throttle, the ride is well worth taking. Think of it as new rave, minus the embarrassing parts.