The premise for Tigersushi’s More G.D.M 12-inch series is fairly straightforward. Put a hard-to-find old-school, disco-punk or arthouse “classic” from the late ’70s/early ’80s (i.e. Gina X, Material, Cluster, Silver Apples, Chapter Three) on one side. On the other, put a corresponding song that shows the influence the aforementioned artist has had on contemporary producers (i.e. Metro Area, Maurice Fulton, Alice Machine, John Tejada). Here then, collected on CD for the discriminating home listener, are the four EPs put out by the French imprint thus far, plus five more exclusive rarities from the legendary likes of Bush Tetras and Tokow Boys. And bless those Frogs. There’s nary a fizzle on here-only gem after gem after gem.