Tom Naim and his cousin Joyce are French practicioners of all things samba. Their goose pimple-inducing Brazilian-house hit “Vai Minha Tristeza” set the world alight, and this debut long player shows what else they have to offer. Enlisting the help of numerous musicians, Tom & Joyce have created a selection of beautiful organic-electronic compositions. “Un Regard, Un Sorire” has the percussion of the slow dance of two lovers, as a guitar tingles and a bass joins the dots. “Vai Minha Tristeza” is the standout by a mile, as waves relax, the kick drum and cymbal hold things together for both the beautiful keys and Joyce’s spellbinding vocals to glide across. “Uma Lagrima” is another wonderfully kind-hearted cut, as an icy-cool flute, new-day strings and stop-dead vocals combine in an awe-inspiring manner. A highly commendable album of relaxing Balearic-tinged grooves from Paris via Rio.