In the wake of a few years during which his output tally rocketed, the curious case of Tommy Vicari Jnr has begun to unspool further. Having steadily worked his way through a decade during which he maintained a fairly humble profile, the Englishman turned many more heads over the past couple of years with a series of EPs on 320KB Music, as well as a rapid-fire series of releases on a host of other imprints. It is now the turn of YAY Recordings, an Italian party-cum-label with an appetite for underground selections, to be blessed by Vicari’s Midas touch on their third outing.

Mic Ang opens with the straightforward garage house of “Horizot,” in which an edgy piano riff plays on rotation, spiced up by a choppy hip-house sample and the occasional scratch—before leaving it to the two B-siders to really steal the show. The sublime “D&E” is a deeper cut, lifted by echoing keys that sound something like a musical take on bouncy balls from outer space, in the best possible way. The breakbeats of the title track, meanwhile spill into an entirely different sound—pierced by nostalgic synth stabs, it is as much of a ballad as this genre could be, and smacks of set-closing material (which, in a memorable Binh set at Berlin’s Hoppetosse, did the business on a recent Sunday afternoon).