Rising UK producer Throwing Snow has had an impressive 2011, over time demonstrating that he can put together quality tracks and, furthermore, that his talents are not specific to one corner of the bass-music world. With the Too Polite EP, he shows that there is yet another face to his production style, delivering two cuts of emotionally-tinged, futuristic music and one questionably raucous slice of ADD bass on his first EP for the respected Local Action imprint.

The first two tracks that make up Too Polite are true pieces of UK post-dubstep. Whereas opener “Pyre” is slightly darker than “Equuleus,” both come wrapped in warm, expansive chords and utilize the occasional pitched vocal to add glimpses of melody. Where they differ is in the rhythms which they employ to drive the proceedings; “Pyre” chooses to cut up skittering hats and tambourines with bouncing kick drums and alternating snaps and claps which crack on the upbeats, while “Equuleus” begins in slow-motion, almost-beat-head territory before pushing the momentum with a proper, breaking house pattern.

Surprisingly, flipping the record over is like putting on an entirely different EP. The title track starts out innocently enough with a filtered, squeaking sample that lazily loops, but then things start to get a bit out of control. An onslaught of snare rolls takes over and, before you know it, we’ve landed in the middle of a distorted bassline rumble with any number of classic London breaks firing from all angles. By the time “Too Polite” reaches its end, you catch your breath and, with a little bit of perspective, realize that it wasn’t necessarily a bad tune, just a bit of a head-scratcher.

Throwing Snow’s final EP of the year is far from perfect, but with every release the young up-and-comer gives glimpses of promise and, despite a slight misstep, Too Polite continues in that vein.