It’s that time of year again, folks: the Kompakt gang is back at it with yet another trophy to add to its shiny collection of Total compilations, and this year’s contribution of hits from The Field, Thomas/Mayer, Nicolas Stefanis, and more is looking to be the stand-out in the set. Mashing darkwave and techno with a tennis-match loop, Hamburg’s DJ Koze serves up a club hit destined to raise the mercury on the dancefloor thermometer more than just a couple of notches, while Sam Taylor-Wood’s mix of pulsating house grooves and ghostly whispers on “I’m In Love with a German Film Star” gets the remix treatment from tech-house master Gui Boratto. Elsewhere, Cologne’s Shumi ushers in a winning combo of ambient house and electro on “The Wind and the Sea,” while Matias Aguayo flexes his muscles (and a little cowbell) on the funked-up “Walter Neff.” A solid set for nummer zehn.